Battle against other players in custom matches, 1v1s, and more!

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Using our currency, Quarters, players can challenge their friends or fans to esports competitions!

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Create a match and set the rules.

Insert Quarters

Wager an amount of Quarters.


Play and declare the winner.

About Quarters

Quarters seeks to become the digital currency for all video games, giving power back to who matters most; the gamers. The decision of where to spend your dollars shouldn’t be exclusive. We want gamers to be able to move between games at will, and let their currency follow them.

The Qbot


Our Discord provides unique engagement tools for your community, like wagers and giveaways!  Players can use Quarters to wager against each other in a 1v1 challenge directly through our discord integration.  Each user stakes quarters upon challenge, and after the winner is reported, they are automatically paid out!



In addition to wagers, users can earn Quarters directly through Discord by typing «qbonus.»  Users earn an extra bonus on first-time use, and can receive hourly, and weekly bonuses after.  Bonuses scale with how often you play scrims on our site, so the more you play, the more you earn!


POQ Creators Program

Join our Creator Program and get sponsored prizes for your community!


About POQ

POQ gives players the ability to challenge each other using Quarters and battle in a competitive esports environment.  Hosts are free to design whatever kind of challenge they want, whether it’s 1v1s, races, squad battles, or whatever your heart desires! POQ will sponsor real prizes that creators can give to their fans, like custom PCs, steam dollars, v bucks, and more.

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Head over to the POQ website and signup.


the Application

Make sure to fill out the Creator Program application!

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Engage your community by hosting prized events!

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Referral Program

We’re constantly on the lookout for more creators to work with. If you have friends or colleagues in the streaming world, send them our way and earn bonus rewards.

What are Quarters?

Quarters is the first univeral video game currency, designed to give more freedom to gamers. Typically, currency purchased in a particular game can only be used for that game-leaving cash on the table is they change games. Our aim is to unify this system, and create an economy that can be utilized across ALL games.

Quarters (symbol:Q) are a token designed for game use only. They’re available for sale on POQ.GG, can be earned as rewards for participating, and – by design – cannot be sold back for financial gain.

Players can use Quarters to play games within our ecosystem. Game developers compete to collect Quarters from game players. Players transfer Quarters to developers in order to play games. In turn, developers (but not players) exchange Quarters for Ether, based on a formula set in the smart contract.

What our creators are saying…

“POQ brings communities and players from around the world together! POQ are paving the way for competitive online gaming and its an amazing opportunity for meeting new community’s and content creators”

Partnered Twitch Streamer

“I like POQ because of how much they involve the partners and users with the website while giving creators prizes to give away to their communities”


Partnered Twitch Streamer

“It’s pretty cool in my opinion. I like this a lot. I think this can go really far…”

OT George

Twitch Streamer

Put your Quarters where your mouth is…